Electrical installation for houses and apartments

We offer electrical installation services for new homes or those under construction and for existing homes or apartments that needs electrical renovation.

Why work with us

We have qualified electricians for all types of work in electrical installations. These works can be carried out during major repairs in the apartment or in the house, or in the event of failure of existing installations in your accommodation.

It is necessary to understand the level of responsibility involved in installing the electrical equipment. The quality of these works determines the degree of safety in the use of electrical devices, but also of the home in general. The electrical installation is specially designed for your house, taking into account the different types of possible use of electricity throughout the house.

Do not take the risk of trying alternative solutions, favor your safety and that of your family. Trust only qualified professionals.

Quality Control

We supervise each stage of the work to avoid any human or technical error

Signing of a contract

The conclusion of a contract guarantees the execution of all working conditions

Respect of deadlines

Compliance with the terms mentioned in the contract, without delay


From the start, you will be informed of the expenses to be incurred in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises


Our projects

We work with

Commercial organizations

We have the experience and the ability to work with commercial organizations


No house is neither too small nor too large, we are proud to be able to provide quality services

Construction business

We are able to offer assistance to construction companies

Ask for a free offer.

We are sure to have the right solution for your needs. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.